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Die Cut Vinyl stickers

    Sticker Features:

    Item Name: Die cut vinyl stickers

    Price: Negotiable

    Min.Order Quantity: 100pcs

    Material: Vinyl+release paper

    Size: customized

    Printing: Offset printing (UV) | Silk-screen printing | Digital printing

    Color: CMYK/PMS

    Tradeing Term: FOB | CIF | C&F | DDU

    Supply Capacity: 3000000pcs/month

    Packing Details: Bulk package | Individual polybag | Header pouch

    Departure Port: Ningbo/Shanghai

    Delivery Time: 10-15days normally, depends on quantity

    Payment Terms: Paypal | Credit card | Moneygram | Bitcoin | Telegraphic transfer

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    With the development of technology, many products of materials on the market has been introduced that make our lives more convenient during the repair process of our home. Even the stickers on the walls in our houses have been changing gradually. The wallpaper needed to be pasted with wallpaper glue before while today, Die cut vinyl stickers have adhesive films by themselves, which can be pasted quickly only if you take off the films. PVC stickers is now one of the most popular suppliers as for decorating our houses’ however, many people worry that custom vinyl decals will be poisonous, making them suffer from health problems. To comfort our customers, we will give some introductions about PVC stickers.

    Advantage of PVC die cut vinyl stickers

    PVC stickers can pasted not only on the walls but other applicable areas( like: furniture, glasses, tiles or some other places and objects that are plane surface as well as without dust.)PVC stickers is handy for us when we paste them. It is obvious to know that this kind of sticker adopts PVC material quality, which possesses definite waterproof property. It has gum by itself which means we can paste it directly without brushing the glue.

    Generally, die cut stickers cost between eleven and twenty yuan on average square meter. It will save the money because you can use it with less troubles.PVC stickers are made of the materials such as purely non—woven fabric. Applying PVC circle stickers will have a better decorative effect and stronger stereo perception. They have better air permeability, which stop from being wet easily.

    There is definite that many people will doubt if die cut stickers are poisonous? Actually, PVC stickers contain no poisonous materials and will not do harm to people’s health. PVC stickers consist of the environmental friendly materials.

    PVC stickers appear to be no toxic but the polymeric PVC takes advantage of raw material of vinyl chloride which may cause the users have cancer. But, it generally prescribes the content of vinyl chloride has to be below 1PPM because of being safe. When we are buying custom die cut stickers, we had better check whether they contain toxic element and the resin is legal or not. Moreover, to check up if the auxiliaries of PVC stickers is non-poison. Thus, we have to pay attention when we are shopping for PVC stickers and we must go to the proper and certified industries to buy them.

    Even though the products have good quality, we still need to maintain them in case that they go to breakdown. When PVC stickers have blisters, we should use small needles to pierce and to free the air. Or when the vinyl sticker printing get mildewed which usually happens in the rainy day, we should use dry towel to clean them. Therefore, we have to maintain PVC stickers even if we are using them.

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