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Puffy Stickers

    Sticker Features:

    Item Name: Puffy sticker

    Price: Negotiable

    Min.Order Quantity: 1000pcs

    Material: PVC/PET/EVA

    Size: customized

    Printing: Offset printing (UV) | Silk-screen printing | Digital printing

    Color: CMYK/PMS

    Tradeing Term: FOB | CIF | C&F | DDU

    Supply Capacity: 3000000pcs/month

    Packing Details: Bulk package | Individual polybag | Header pouch

    Departure Port: Ningbo/Shanghai

    Delivery Time: 10-15days normally, depends on quantity

    Payment Terms: Paypal | Credit card | Moneygram | Bitcoin | Telegraphic transfer

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    The back is pressure—sensitive adhesive, which is easy to paste and does not need adhesive such as glue or starch. You can tear it off and then paste, and that is very convenient ,especially without any pollution towards the appearance of the product. What’s more, it has strong durability, which can paste firmly and has flexible adhesion. It can resist the heat and moisture as well as being hard to aging. Its smaller size makes it can complete all processes including polychrome printing, coating, die cutting online, discharge automatically and thermoprint only through a label printing machine. The machine can paste fast and produce less waste.

    Compared with pressure—sensitive labels in some countries like Japan, the pressure—sensitive labels in our country is in the majority of graphic work with a rich structure, especially small amounts labels which are required to be colorful. While the offset print is superior in dot—printing. On site printing is not inferior neither. If needed to increase the thickness of printing ink, we can use the merits of accurate fixed printing to go into the second printing. Because of small amounts labels, we can ensure to complete them on time.

    The surface material of the sticker can be divided into several types. One is PVC stickers. It is not difficult to know that PVC stickers is made of PVC material, with a certain degree of waterproof and adhesive backed, which can be directly torn to paste without brushing glue. Cheap custom stickers are made of pure non-woven paper and other materials. Using PVC stickers has a better decorative effect for there is a strong sense of three-dimensional, a better breathability which can prevent moisture. This kind of material puffy paste is also the most widely used puffy stickers. One is the laser stickers, which was mainly used in the tobacco packaging industry in the early days. It is apply the laser effect on the membrane, and compound with the base paper, and then tear the membrane, so that the aluminum layer can transfer to the paper. Laser paper can not only prevent moisture, prevent the spread of odor but also increase the beauty of packaging. There are other sponge custom puffy stickers and so on.

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