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Sticker Decals

    Sticker Features:

    Item Name: Sticker decals

    Price: Negotiable

    Min.Order Quantity: 100pcs

    Material: Transfer film+Vinyl+release paper

    Size: customized

    Printing: Offset printing (UV) | Silk-screen printing | Digital printing

    Color: CMYK/PMS

    Tradeing Term: FOB | CIF | C&F | DDU

    Supply Capacity: 3000000pcs/month

    Packing Details: Bulk package | Individual polybag | Header pouch

    Departure Port: Ningbo/Shanghai

    Delivery Time: 10-15days normally, depends on quantity

    Payment Terms: Paypal | Credit card | Moneygram | Bitcoin | Telegraphic transfer

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    General introduction of stickers for cars

    Car stickers, also known as sticker decals, car mark, and it can be divided into car decals and motorcycle decals. Car stickers debuted in the first world racing contest held in Paris in April 20, 1887.In order to recognize, the side door of racers’ cars must paste the contest number. This is the earliest form of car stickers. After a long-term of car and motorcycle event promotion, a large number of sponsors swarmed into the car industry, and the car body began to appear sponsor advertising brand car stickers, this car is called modified car stickers and logo stickers. It can be said that the earliest pandemic of car stickers is originated from the racing sport; The strong development of car stickers is due to the rise and popularity of the automotive industry in Europe and the United States and Japan. Car buyers gradually younger and family Personalized. Due to the young character and the impact of racing style, car stickers become popular, and gradually swept the world.

    Material of car stickers

    The materials of the car stickers is PVC special outdoor stickers which is able to adapt to outdoor conditions. It requires more wear-resistant and anti UV, etc than ordinary advertising materials. Although the material and color fabric is not so rich as clothing, there are ordinary, Luminous, metal reflective, laser reflective, metal wire drawing, and so many kinds of options. Stickers for car exists everywhere of the car, on both sides of the body, engine cover, light brow, skirt, wheel hub. As long as reasonable creation in the scope of the existing regulations allowed, car owners can fully showed-off all their personality preferences. Car stickers are not the patent of young people, people of all ages, as long as they love car culture and love life can have fun in the car stickers.

    Car sticker features

    Car stickers must withstand the wind and sun, and car stickers must with the function of waterproof, sunscreen, not fade and leaving no glue after tearing and other durability features, so the current car stickers is to choose the stickers, which is the best choice. The color and materials of stickers are made by a special process, so it has the highest color durability when out of the factory, while the other methods of making car stickers such as printing, inkjet, photo, screen printing process is to print the color ink or silk screen in the base membrane. In consideration of the current scientific and technological means, there is no pigment ink can withstand long-term outdoor sunshine.

    As the knife engraved stickers can ensure that the car sponsor’s logo on a clear and high quality in the car, and high-grade stickers will not damage the car paint and luster after tearing, so the current international racing is generally use the car stickers craftsmanship of knife engraved stickers, and among them, American brand 3M is the best. With the progress of science and technology, in the nineties 3M invented the reflective stickers which are gradually used to custom car stickers. Its eye-catching color and night reflective not only dazzling but also greatly improve the safety of car driving a process, car stickers gradually have a number, brand, decorative and security of the four characteristics of the car family essential supplies.

    Car stickers generally can be classified into the following types:

    First, the sports stickers mainly refers to the stickers for cars. Track race and rally race are different in the use of racing models and racing lane, so the car stickers also have the corresponding difference. Rally car stickers pattern highlights the logo of the team and the logo of the main sponsor. Besides, In order to achieve better propaganda effect, the color is matching the team's overall VI design style. Track race car stickers often can be seen the flame, racing flag, wave and other dynamic patterns, which adds a lot of color to the car racing.

    Second, the modified version of the stickers refers to the specially designed theme stickers by refitting manufacturers who want to exhibit or promote new products in the car exhibition. They often do this for matching some car models or products This theme stickers is colorful and eye-catching. There are a lot of patterns is the symbol of the modified manufacturers as well as some modified products. After a careful design and collocation, it brings out the best with the modified exhibition car.

    Third, personalized stickers refers to the personalized custom car stickers which is in accordance with the personal preferences and taste of the owner. Sports, artistic, practical, all kinds of styles as long as it looks harmonious and beautiful, you can freely choose with, to design, to create your own style.

    Fourth, the biggest advantage of special car stickers is clear color, three-dimensional patterns, and good visual effects. Special car stickers is the earliest appeared category  and also the most widely used category, common in all kinds of racing races. The production process is to make different colors car stickers materials into different patterns through the way of engraving and printing. Whether it is good or bad in quality mainly depends on the choice of car stickers and the degree of fine workmanship knife-engraved car stickers is characterized by the production can not be made with an asymptotic pattern.

    Fifth, full color car stickers has the gradient effect, and it can spray out the effect map of photos and product, etc. It is mostly used for the large car stickers for the whole car body. The quality of this car stickers depends mainly on the quality of inkjet and the ink used. Good quality printing stickers can achieve photo-level accuracy.

    Sixth, decal printing is to make sticker materials into different patterns by the means of printing, suitable for large-scale production, but it only can use as a partial decoration, with the role of finishing touch.

    Besides, there is a single stickers, and this kind of car stickers do not affect the line of sight; Metal paste, it is the logo mainly for modified brand of various small size car; Network sticker, affixed to the car front and rear windshield; Moving water painting, electrostatic sticker, magnetic sticker, and so on.

    There are more classification of car decal printing according to the different parts of the car

    It can also be divided into front block stickers, cover affixed sticker, body stickers, modified pieces of stickers, rear block stickers, decorative small stickers, etc.

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