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Tattoo Sticker

    Sticker Features:

    Item Name: Tattoo sticker

    Price: Negotiable

    Min.Order Quantity: 1000pcs

    Material: PET film+transfer paper paper

    Size: customized

    Printing: Offset printing (UV) | Silk-screen printing | Digital printing

    Color: CMYK/PMS

    Tradeing Term: FOB | CIF | C&F | DDU

    Supply Capacity: 3000000pcs/month

    Packing Details: Bulk package | Individual polybag | Header pouch

    Departure Port: Ningbo/Shanghai

    Delivery Time: 10-15days normally, depends on quantity

    Payment Terms: Paypal | Credit card | Moneygram | Bitcoin | Telegraphic transfer

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    Tattoo stickers is a kind of stickers that is used on the body. It is easy to use without any pain. If you paste it, it will keep as the original for a week. It can be washed and does no obvious harm to the skin. Thus, compared with the traditional tattoo, it is easier for people to accept. And it is very convenient to change the patterns. The price is low and the color and pattern of Tattoo stickers are attractive.

    Classification of tattoo stickers
    According the making methods, the technology can be divided as positive water transfer printing and negative water transfer printing. When it varies from the color technology, it can be three kinds: monochrome, spot color and four colors. According to the displaying effect, it can be divided as color flicker tattoo sticker, luminous tattoo sticker, flowery tattoo sticker. When it ranges from body parts, it can be several kinds : heads custom temporary tattoos, buttocks tattoo sticker, hands tattoo sticker, feet tattoo sticker. If based on its diverse patterns, they can be animal totem, flowers and butterflies tattoo sticker, geometric ornamentation tattoo sticker, personal portrait custom temporary tattoos.

    When it comes to the hottest tattoo sticker in the history, we come operate at home by our own because the method of tattoo sticker is most simplest. Just like the pattern sticker used in manicure, you only need to cut your favorite pattern out first which you have picked it up, and then to remove the transparent film. After. You can paste it on your body part directly and press it with your hands. And to use water sprayer to moisten tattoo sticker wholly. In order to make tattoo sticker firmer, we can take off the bubbles with towel pressing the tattoo sticker lightly but not rubbing hard. In thirty seconds, we can tear off tattoo sticker, a delicate tattoo sticker appears on your body. For the sake of keeping tattoo sticker to be pasted beautifully, we just have to pay attention to not spend too much time in taking the bath. If we want to remove tattoo sticker,we can use either BB oil or alcohol to erase gently. According to the user’s feedback, she said when she pasted tattoo sticker, tattoo sticker could last at least three days. So, Channel’s “personal jewelry” of a set including 55 styles which just have to paid more than 500 yuan for can provide you a whole luxurious summer.

    The technology of tattoo sticker is Water Transfer. It is mainly used water transfer paper, environmental protection ink, environmental friendly glue and laminating. After the printed products finish, we can transfer the patterns to the skin or other objects from base paper through a little water.

    No body will talk about the tattoo is a symbol of bad girls because the ladies of Channel will also put tattoo stickers on their hands or feet. Especially, these cute patterns are free us from sufferings of flesh and the risk of washing them away. We can paste tattoo stickers every time; or we dislike the tattoo, we can remove them, which is very handy. What brings custom made stickers into a hit on the market is a famous brand named Channel in 2013. During the 2013 Spring/ Summer fashion show of Channel, Lafayette asked the models to have catwalk in the farmhouse where had great rural scene. Besides, they had a much more interesting try. It was said that Channel chief creative officer of global cosmetics department Peter Philips said: after the last season fashion show was over, Karl Lagerfeld had a idea that there should be more tricks in the coming Spring/ Summer fashion show. It must be funny and fascinating as well as match the elegant style of our brand. As a result, Channel combined the tattoo and pearl which seemed two were extremely opposite to design a kind of custom temporary tattoos whose pattern was composed of jewels and birds. A set including 55 styles only costs 78 dollars, which is really inexpensive high—quality. To put this tattoo sticker on our bodies will make us look most supreme sexuality and we even do not need any more expensive jewelry.

    Because Channel’s tattoo sticker is rather inexpensive high—quality, it becomes popular, which promotes many small stores and shops online to sale the same type products. And their prices of one set minimum maybe thirty to fifty yuan, while the asking of single pattern is under ten yuan. Of course, the sizes and accuracies of different products vary. It is worth reminding that due to our nation haven’t implemented relative standards, we had better choose reliable brand selling tattoo sticker in case of avoiding danger. For bad quality tattoo sticker is probably made of watercolors with complex component, including formaldehyde and heavy metal which are harmful to our health. If these injurious components have a direct contact with our skin, we may get allergic dermatitis. And tattoo sticker is generally used in the naked parts; when it is in the sun, the watercolors may have a chemical reaction, causing some diseases like acne and erythema. In addition, tattoo sticker owns the certain waterproof property, it will bother us when we wash it with water. If we rub it in excessive degree, it will be bad for our skin. Therefore, we can not chase the cheapest tattoo sticker all the time when we are looking for tattoo sticker.

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