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  • The differences between hologram stickers and ordinary stickersThe differences between hologram stickers and ordinary stickersApril 28, 2017Today, hologram stickers have become an anti-counterfeiting method and also the best solution to improve the grade of products. The shape of hologram stickers can be round, oval, square, rectangular a...view
  • The Origin of Wall StickersThe Origin of Wall StickersApril 28, 2017Wall stickers are one of the new decorative materials originated in France. Wall stickers are in a variety of individual characteristic art designs. After printing and stamping of the machine, you can...view
  • Cleaning Methods for Adhesive LabelsCleaning Methods for Adhesive LabelsApril 28, 20171. First tear the adhesive labels off from the surface of glass or commodity. Use warm water to wet the towel and wipe the traces caused by adhesive labels one or twice. Then use a wet towel with soap...view
  • The History of Adhesive StickersThe History of Adhesive StickersApril 28, 2017Adhesive labels also called the self-adhesive label, prompt paste, and pressure sensitive label. Adhesive stickers are composite material using paper, film or special material for fabrics, coated wit...view
  • The Classification of Adhesive LabelsThe Classification of Adhesive LabelsApril 28, 2017The so-called adhesive labels printing refers to the process of transferring the materials like ink to substrate surface coated with rubber on the back under certain pressure. Compared with ordinary p...view
  • Classification of Custom Car DecalsClassification of Custom Car DecalsApril 28, 2017Custom car decals are a kind of adhesive stickers posted on cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. It has the beautification effect. Custom car decals first appeared on April 20, 1887 in the world's f...view
  • Different Types of Custom Bumper StickersDifferent Types of Custom Bumper StickersApril 28, 2017A large quantity of cars can be a trouble, because it could have traffic jam everywhere. But there is also the beauty of massive cars. While waiting the traffic lights or on a traffic jam, you can kil...view
  • Functions of Custom Plastic LabelsFunctions of Custom Plastic LabelsApril 28, 2017Custom plastic labels are signs made of plastic and resin. Door signs, street signs and signpost are all custom plastic labels. The material of custom plastic labels can be the following:organic glass...view

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  • TEL:+86-196-53472763
  • FAX:+86-196-53467548
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