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Production Background of Custom Car Decals

Custom car stickers were originated in the car racing in foreign countries.  Custom car stickers were very popular in the west as a part of the automobile culture. At first the price of first introduced custom car stickers was very expensive because all materials were imported. Later, there appeared custom car stickers made in domestic which is relatively in low price.

There was a famous custom car stickers saying “bears, pay attention "in the early years in the foreign countries. Actually, this famous slogan was not first appeared in car but as a road sign in Hokkaido in Japan. Because there always have bears, in order to give warning, many places are set up the benchmark with a picture of bear’s head. Later, this slogan was used by a truck club in the United States as the symbol of all the members. Then, the action of posting custom car stickers at the car bottom became a fashion and was spread rapidly in the United States.

Custom car stickers

As for the cultural connotation, Zhang Yiwu thinks that custom car stickers represent the car culture to some extent. China's car culture should have its own unique connotation. It should have the function of keeping car owners in a flat and peaceful mood in a humorous way on such congested road and in the relatively depressed environment. Custom car stickers should pass a kind of optimization. The custom car stickers culture is very quick, clear. First of all, custom car stickers give people a visual and intuitive stimulation, then here comes the mental stimulation. Therefore, the culture of custom car stickers is an expression of the owner’s attitude. We should advocate a healthy and positive wording of custom car stickers.

In addition to the practical effect, custom car stickers also like a city’s culture symbol which is popular among young people. Xiaoxin working in a creative company says that when "lonely" culture became popular last year, he first put the custom car stickers of "I’m not driving the car but loneliness” on the car. During the 2010 World Cup, he changed the custom car stickers to "World Cup".

The characteristics of pop custom car stickers are to show personality, to quickly stand out in the vast of cars. Different from other forms of car modification, custom car stickers are the simplest and the cheapest way of modification. After the addition of custom car stickers, you can show out your own style. Custom car stickers can achieve the goal of “cool” without doing damage to the car paint.

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