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The Classification of Adhesive Labels

The so-called adhesive labels printing refers to the process of transferring the materials like ink to substrate surface coated with rubber on the back under certain pressure. Compared with ordinary printing, adhesive labels printing has the following features:

Small investment, quick effect. Adhesive labels mostly are trademarks and stickers, its small width and fast printing speed makes less wasted prints.

Flexible printing. Adhesive labels are not restricted by ways of printing. Traditional printing factories can use offset printing machine or screen printing to print adhesive labels.

Varied functions. Adhesive labels are widely used in the barcode stickers of food, cosmetics and goods. Adhesive labels can also be used as the signs inspecial environment of electronic products, mechanical products.

adhesive labels

The adhesive labels are roughly divided into two kinds: one are the paper adhesive labels, the second are the film adhesive labels.

Paper adhesive labels are mainly used for liquid washing products and some popular personal care products. The film adhesive labels are mainly used in high-grade daily-use chemical products. At present, the popularization of personal care products and household liquid washing products take a large proportion of the market. So correspondingly paper adhesive labels are used more frequently.

The film adhesive labels are often made of PE film, PP, PVC and other synthetic materials. Film adhesive labels mainly have three colors which are white, matte, transparent. Because the film adhesive labels printing has a bad eligibility, so we always use corona processing or increase the surface coating to enhance its printing eligibility. In order to avoid some film adhesive labels deformation in the process of printing or accidents of adhesive labels tearing, parts of the material will be treated with directional management like uniaxial tension or two-way stretch. For example BOPP adhesive labels through two-way stretch have wide application.

Also paper and film adhesive labels are used in different conditions, they still can be substituted each other. And they play an important role in our life.

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