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The Content of Custom Car Stickers Should Be Civilized

With private car coming into the ordinary people’s life, many owners make some decoration on automobile tail box, glass, some stick custom car stickers as personality. The decoration of custom car stickers has become a trend, people call it “ rear culture".

On September 31, when the reporter doing report in the downtown district, he saw many private cars are stuck with custom car stickers on the places such as tail box, glass. Though custom car stickers can bring fun to people, there still exists some uncivilized phenomenon.

The reporter saw many cars are stuck with "newbie on the road, please take care", "the supreme novice, good at the brake, stall at any time", "female drivers, period, the first year = devil prada". All these custom car stickers are to remind the driver friends to give more attention to green hand.

custom car stickers

Reporter also noticed that some fun custom car stickers like "cherish life, don't hide and seek", "life is short, take the accelerator, lifetime is over..."These custom car stickers are mostly for reminder and education. They are sweet and interesting.

Some custom car stickers are with humorous jokes, such as " Sir, ready to take off at any time", "among 10 incidents, grades 9 wins and a draw", "don't follow me, I also lost too", "keep distance, don't push me..."These custom car stickers catch people’s eye for its humor.

Custom car stickers are different among people in different age. But custom car stickers with excessive reveal personality and rudeness can make a person in uncomfortable mood, such as: don’t touch me PP, I will shout "."Follow me have a fart to eat", "Look for person to elope, go Dutch"...

A female owner called Wang Ying said that she dislike those vulgar custom car stickers for she was afraid that they would have a bad influence to children.

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