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The History of Adhesive Stickers

Adhesive labels also called the self-adhesive label, prompt paste, and pressure sensitive label.  Adhesive stickers are composite material using paper, film or special material for fabrics, coated with adhesive on the back. And adhesive stickers are coatedsiliconpaper as theprotectionpaper. They become finished adhesive labels.after printing,dyingand cutting. As for application, you only need to strip the adhesive stickers from the bottom paper, and press lightly. They can be posted to all kinds of surface of the base material. We also can use labeling machine to stick adhesive stickers printing automatically on the production line.

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In the 1930 s, adhesive stickers were first applied in the United States. Due to the special requirements of the composite material expand unceasingly, adhesive stickers printing has gradually evolved into an independent printing field. More and more enterprises have engaged in adhesive stickers printing both at home and abroad. As for our country, the unprecedented development of printing industry in production scale, technology level and market space leads to the development of the adhesive stickers printing. And the technology of adhesive stickers printing has reached to an unprecedented level.

The earliest adhesive stickers were produced by a chemist in 3M company in the United States. It was in 1964, at that time, he studies all kinds of adhesive formulation, and produced a new kind of adhesive stickers with larger viscosity, but it is not easy to cure. Use it to paste something, even after a long time can be easily stripped away. At that time, people think that the adhesive stickers wouldn’t have a large effect, so they didn’t pay much attention to the adhesive stickers.

Until 1973, a new product development team of 3M company puts the adhesive stickers coating on the back of the trademark. And they also stick a paper with a trace of wax on the glue. In this way, the global first adhesive stickers were born. Then, the function of adhesive stickers has been found in succession. The number of people using adhesive stickers also increases rapidly.

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