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The History of Custom Wall Stickers

Custom wall stickers are also called the wallpaper. As early as the Tang dynasty period, China has been drawing on paper to decorate the walls. In the middle of the 18th century, the British Maurice started mass production of wallpaper printing, a modern sense of custom wall stickers came into being. As time changes, with the development of world economy and culture, the development of the custom  stickers has experienced the following periods: paper, paper writing, foam paper, printing paper, embossed paper, paper with special technology. The development of custom wall stickers, like other decorative materials, has constantly advanced with the development of world economy and culture. The usage of custom wall stickers in different periods is the embodiment of the comprehensive factors as the local economic development level, new material science and popular consumer psychology.

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The original custom wall stickers are drawn on a piece of paper and printed in different patterns. Custom wall stickers have a  certain adornment effect, but also are limited to the royal palace and other places of advancement for local adornment. Custom wall stickers really came into ordinary people’s life in large scale with other decorative materials in the late 1970 s. Throughout the 80’s, it is a significant time for foam stickers. "Foam", also known as screen relief foaming, refers to the foaming agent completing similarly "fermentation" process in high temperature. Thus produced custom wall stickers can have a Sense of Concavo-Convex. .The advantage of this kind of custom wall stickers is the strong stereo sense which can increase 3D experience of the room. But the shortcomings of foam custom wall stickers are obvious: wear-resisting, easy to scratch, vulnerable to pollution. Foam custom wall stickers have gradually been eliminated, but are still visible on ceiling of some rooms. In the late 80 s, with the development of plastic industry, here came a substitute for foam stickers- vinyl stickers. These kinds of custom wall stickers are not foaming, so it greatly improves the shortcoming of the foam stickers. Vinyl stickers are waterproof, durable. The colorfulness and practicability opens a new chapter for the development of custom wall stickers.

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Custom wall stickers account for about 70% wall decoration around the world. Before the appearance of rubber wall stickers, silk custom wall stickers with bright shine were very popular. Later, with the change trend of building decoration industry, matte custom wall stickers led the trend gradually. Custom wall stickers have more and more intense for color and design, so they are broadly welcomed by consumers. Big manufacturers launched a fierce competition for custom wall stickers. In the late 1990 s to the early 21st century, fabric custom wall stickers became popular gradually. It is expected that starting in 2002, with the increasing demand for casual, comfortable and environmental protection life, green and environmental protection products will be accepted. Consumer’s demand for paper custom wall stickers will further increase. Currently, the civil penetration rate of custom wall stickers in Japan and Russia is close to 100%, 50% to 60% in the European and American countries. But the civil penetration rate of custom wall stickers in China is less than 1%. Along with the development of Chinese economy as well as the continuous improvement of people's living standard, we believe that custom wall stickers will become necessaries of life.

Liquid custom wall stickers are new types of art paint, also known as wall art paint. It is an environmental protection water-based paint concentrated of latex paint and wall stickers. Liquid custom wall stickers can produce all kinds of artistic effect through all kinds of special tools and techniques with different coloring technology. It meets the demand of the consumers for a variety of decor. Liquid custom wall stickers became the most fashionable adornment element of modern space. Liquid custom wall stickers are water-based paint, therefore they also have good antibacterial properties and are not easy to give birth insects as well as not easy to ageing.

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