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The Origin of Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are one of the new decorative materials originated in France. Wall stickers are in a variety of individual characteristic art designs. After printing and stamping of the machine, you can stick different styles of wall stickers freely on the wall or smooth surface. Wall stickers are getting popular in the furniture market with its excellent decorative effect and convenient decoration method.

At the end of the 20th century, wall stickers had become an important way to decoration in western countries. As long as you do it yourself (D.I.Y.), the master can enjoy professional decoration effect. The application of wall stickers has gradually become the important features in western designers classic decoration works. The new product as wall stickers can be used in any clean, smooth, hard surface walls or other household items. After the decoration of wall stickers, it not only shows the host's taste for decoration, but also serves as an expression of lifestyle. With a wide variety of wall stickers, household space like household area, office area, children bedroom, children playroom can have a radical change with more color and styles added. In the European and American countries, more and more people adapt the wall stickers in bars, restaurants, hotels, offices and various commercial store decorations. Wall stickers become a strong competitor to traditional wallpaper and hollow wall art.

wall stickers

Wall stickers are made from environmental protection material, thermal paper, PET, PC, or soft PVC in some well-known brands abroad. Art design after printing and stamping and separating with machines namely become wall stickers purchased in stores.

In accordance with the design style, wall stickers are divided into two kinds. One kind is theme design. You can make the designer recommended style according to the product attached sketch. The other is material design. These kinds of wall stickers mainly have an abstract concept by the creation of construction personnel. Because of the possibility, wall stickers become one of the most popular decorations among westerners.

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